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Several students from the University of Georgia are being celebrated as heroes for their rapid response that resulted in saving lives following a vehicle accident. The group of five freshman women were on their way to Savannah when they witnessed a white SUV veer off the road, heading straight for a creek. Without hesitation, they circled back to the crash site, only to find the vehicle sinking steadily into the creek.

Molly McCollum recounted how she and her peers wasted no time in springing into action. “We just ditched our belongings without a second thought and dove in,” McCollum shared. She described how they managed to stand atop the sinking vehicle and forcefully opened the extremely heavy, water-filled door. Together, they rescued a mother and her two kids, aged 8 and 4, from the submerged car.

Their acts of courage didn’t stop at the water’s edge. Clarke Jones, drawing on her CPR skills learned from lifeguarding, was able to revive the younger child. “He eventually started to cry and breathe again,” Jones recalled, describing the moment as incredibly surreal.

The group, comprising McCollum, Jones, Jane McArdle, Eleanor Cart, and Kaitlyn Iannace, received public gratitude from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office via a Facebook post. The post highlighted, “The quick thinking and bravery of these women are truly commendable. We are thankful you were there when it mattered most.”

Reflecting on the incident amidst challenging times at the University of Georgia, McCollum felt it underscored the presence of goodness in the world. “Given everything our community has been facing, this serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact we can have,” she commented.

Vehicle crashes into water, including accidents that result in vehicles being submerged in lakes, rivers, creeks, or other bodies of water, are relatively rare compared to other types of traffic accidents. However, when they do occur, these incidents can be particularly hazardous due to the risk of drowning, hypothermia (in cold water), or injuries associated with the crash itself.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States has provided some data on such incidents in the past, indicating that approximately 1-2% of all motor vehicle crashes result in a vehicle entering a body of water. Specific statistics can vary by region, depending on factors like the prevalence of water bodies near roadways, weather conditions, and local traffic volume and patterns.

Despite their relative rarity, crashes into water are taken seriously due to their potential for fatal outcomes. Efforts to prevent these types of accidents include the installation of guardrails near bodies of water, improved road design, and public awareness campaigns about the dangers of driving near water and how to escape a submerged vehicle.

It’s important for drivers to be aware of the risks and know the proper steps to take if they find themselves in a water-related vehicle accident, such as staying calm, unbuckling the seatbelt, opening or breaking windows to escape, and swimming to safety if possible.

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