May 20, 2024
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In Hernando County, Florida a dog bit a woman on the face, after she tried to kiss it, according to the local deputies. Wednesday, early in the morning, the Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies and the local fire rescue team were called. The dog bite took place off of Canal Drive, in Brooksville.

Two of the four residents had just recently rescued a 200 pound Bull Mastiff, that they got from a man named Mike, who lives in Floral City. A couple of the residents had been at a bar that night, and when they got home, much to their surprise, the dog became overly aggressive and was constantly growing and the residents. At this point, the dog had only lived with them for a week, but in that time period, had never shown any signs of malice or aggression.

A woman living there decided to lean down, close to the dog’s face, and it immediately bit at her left cheek and lip area. Another resident got bit on the hand, when they were trying to break up the current situation.

All of the residents eventually got the dog moved into a bedroom, to separate it from them, for the time being.

The woman was transferred to the local trauma center where her injuries will be assessed by the plastic surgeon there.

According to ABC action news, “the dog was taken to Hernando County Animal Services… with any animal bite, the standard procedure is a 10-day rabies quarantine for the animal. (They) won’t know what happens next for this animal until after this time period has passed.”

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