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Wildfires are a common phenomenon in a dozen western states all across America. With an alga mission of unprecedented weather conditions, wildfires have created an emergency in most parts of Oregon, Washington, and California, and other states.

Before we understand the case study of paradise in Northern California, it is important to understand the causes of wildfires in general.

Causes Of Wildfires

There are numerous causes of wildfires in America. However, 85% of all cases are manmade. In other words, they are caused by the actions and behaviors of humans.

Some of these activities include an unattended campfire, equipment malfunction, and use, negligence in discarding cigarettes, burning of debris, etc.

In addition to human causes, wildfires can also be caused by nature, i.e., predominantly by lightning.

When talking about lightning and wildfires, it is important to recognize that there are two types of lightning that can cause a wildfire. They are hot lightning and cold lightning.

Hot lightning is relatively much longer than cold lightning and occurs with less voltage. On the other hand, cold lightning is an intense stroke of electrical current that is for a short duration.

Case Study: The Deadly Fires Of Paradise In Northern California

In 2018, a town in Northern California, Paradise, had witnessed one of the most devastating and deadliest wildfires in state history.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, this fire started on the morning of November 8th of 2018, and burned 153, 336 acres of land, destroying an array of buildings, facilities, as well as resulting in plenty of civilian fatalities. According to records, this fire is one of the most destructive fires in California history.

As per state officials, the fire started in the early hours of the day due to the dry vegetation and other primal causes. Tea harmonious amalgamation of warm temperatures, strong winds, and low humidity acted as a catalyst in promoting the fire yielding its extreme spread.

Later on, a second ignition was identified, and its cause seemed to be vegetation into the electrical distribution lines owned by a renowned company. This fire merged with the original fire to create chaos and havoc in the state.

Causes Of The Fire

As mentioned above, there were several causes for this fire. One of the primary causes was the geography of the region of paradise, which makes it quite vulnerable. If you were to take a look at the geography, you would notice that the town sits between two canyons on the ridge, just like the intersection of lines of a triangle.

Damage Done

According to the California census, the fire has caused more than 85 civilian fatalities, with 12 injured civilians, two missing people, and several injured firefighters. It destroyed 18804 structures with most of the damage being done during the initial four hours of the fire.

Escape Plan

Paradise took the spotlight in the coverage of the fire. Its citizens were aided with non-profit, fundraised, and government funds to sustain themselves, as the fire had caused a lot of damage.

Many people had planned and reconsidered their evacuation route, during the past fires. However, this particular wildfire proved to be a wake-up call to highlight the insistent danger of wildfires. Currently, 90% of the population of the town has evacuated it and abandoned the town temporarily.

Present Scenario

The fire of Paradise proved to be a learning lesson for many individuals. Many people have started various initiatives to help other individuals facing the same problems during a wildfire.

In addition, some people have built shelters and evacuation homes for affected areas, and continue to contribute their share to reduce the traumatizing effects of a wildfire.


From the above case study, the fire of paradise seemed to be a wake-up call for many individuals, as they were not prepared to witness something as dangerous as this.

If you see early signs of a wildfire in your region, it is recommended to evacuate as soon as possible and ensure that your insurance company pays for the damages to your home. This way, you are safe and secure both financially and individually.

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