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Also referred to as tort law, personal injury laws in the US enable injured victims to file a lawsuit against the person at fault for their injury and seek compensation for damages. According to Hauppauge Personal Injury Lawyers, while the number of personal injury cases all over the country is on the rise, new trends surrounding such lawsuits emerge every year.

In this article, we will discuss some emerging trends in personal injury cases and how these may affect the parties involved in such lawsuits.

Attention To Mental Health
The focus on mental health has increased significantly in recent times, and this trend is noticeable in personal injury cases too. The emphasis isn’t merely on the mental health of the injured person, but also on their family and loved ones who may suffer from mental distress due to the accident.

As a result, personal injury lawyers have been considering the mental and emotional condition of their clients while deciding on the compensation amount. Often, the claimed compensation includes expenses incurred by the victim for counseling services and therapy.

The Use Of Technology
The use of technology in resolving personal injury cases is currently on the rise. Notable examples of technological use include virtual consultations between personal injury lawyers and their clients – which helps save both time and money. This is especially true if the injured person is not in a position to attend an in-person meeting but requires urgent legal assistance in filing a lawsuit.

In addition, video surveillance from CCTV cameras is also accepted as evidence for personal injury cases. Attorneys can use such footage to strengthen the cases of their clients and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Growing Medical Expenses
Hospitalization and medical care expenses are rising rapidly, and this trend has affected personal injury cases. The rising costs often make it difficult for injured people to obtain the required medical care if they aren’t financially strong.

However, personal injury lawyers are well aware of such issues. They are taking steps to ensure that their clients receive a sizeable compensation amount that covers their medical expenses and other damages. These professionals often work with doctors to understand the extent of injuries and estimated cost of treatment in order to come up with the right compensation amount.

Environmental Factors Resulting In Personal Injury
According to personal injury lawyers, the number of personal injury cases related to environmental hazards like exposure to lead or asbestos is currently on a rise. However, these cases tend to be more challenging than the usual accident cases since they usually involve government entities or huge corporations that are responsible for such hazards.

However, an experienced lawyer can build a strong case for their clients by gathering evidence and working closely with environmental experts and medical professionals for guidance.

Increased Preference For Alternative Dispute Redressal Methods
Another noticeable trend in personal injury cases is the prevalence of alternative dispute redressal methods like mediation and private negotiations. Both parties often prefer these methods to avoid the expenses and complications associated with court proceedings. In such instances, an experienced lawyer can skillfully negotiate with the party at fault to ensure that their clients get the compensation they deserve.

However, if the negotiation process doesn’t go smoothly, the plaintiff’s lawyer may take the case to court for redressal.

Summing Up
New trends in personal injury cases emerge every year, which can significantly affect the victims seeking compensation for damages suffered due to another person’s negligence. Therefore, hiring a well-known personal injury lawyer who can provide the best legal advice and help their client obtain their rightful compensation without much hassle is essential.

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