April 16, 2024
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One of the most extreme and oldest crimes happening since ages, human trafficking is the exploitation of men, women, and children for forced labor and prostitution purposes. Although slavery has been labeled as illegal activities all over the world, this modern slavery still exists.

According to the estimation, 20-40 million people are suffering from human trafficking.

Let’s look into some facts and figures related to human trafficking;

  • Only about 0.04% of the human trafficking survivors have reported this act to the authorities, and the rest of the cases go undetected.
  • Criminals associated with human trafficking crime made around $150 billion/year.
  • More than half of the money is generated through sex trafficking, which involves the sexual exploitation of the victims by forcing them into prostitution.
  • About 71% of human trafficking victims are women and teenage girls. And the majority of them are enslaved for the prostitution business.

The Worst Type Of Human Trafficking

If we can put it down to a single point which is the biggest and the worst factor benefiting from human trafficking, it is sex trafficking or anti-child trafficking. No person on this earth enters into this filthy business with his/her own will. So to fulfill the market needs, the people associated with this business opted for human trafficking and forced them into prostitution. In this case, the victims are mostly women and teenage girls.

Sex trafficking is the worst type of human trafficking and every developed and developing country is suffering from this act. Worldwide efforts have been made to stop this crime. Survivors of human trafficking and sex trafficking are coming out more and more to support the authorities in controlling this crime. As a survivor, you might need a Houston sex crimes attorney to help you defend your human rights.

Causes Of Human Trafficking

  • A Quick Way To Gain Wealth: There’s only one way to earn quick wealth, and that is to commit a crime. Human trafficking is the most notorious crime happening for ages. When someone decides to leave a place of poverty and all he wants is money, human trafficking becomes his option.
  • Vulnerable Victims Fell Prey To Human Traffickers Numerous: People want to get out of their poor financial conditions, so they risk everything to leave the spot. This gives the human traffickers a chance to lure these vulnerable people into migrating them to another country. Traffickers lie to them and offer those jobs and stability, but when they arrive in other countries, they are taken into captivation. Then, they are forced into labor and other unwanted activities.
  • Political Conditions Of The Country: You’ll learn that countries with poor political conditions are more vulnerable to human trafficking acts. Militarism, political conditions and bad poor economy can result in the easy exploitation of the victims.
  • War: Another prominent reason for human trafficking is ongoing war conditions in the country. Countries suffering from war face poor conditions in every sector. People living in the war zones want to sabbatical their places. This gives a potential chance to traffickers to practice their malign acts. They lure people by promising a better place to live and work and exploit them for sex trafficking and forced labor.
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