June 23, 2024
  • 4:39 pm California’s Proposition 47 Reform Sparks Intense Political Debate Over Public Safety
  • 5:07 pm U.S. Man’s Social Security Benefits Denied Over Citizenship Confusion
  • 2:17 pm Volusia County Leads U.S. in Traffic Fatalities
  • 1:09 am Executor of O.J. Simpson’s Estate Aims to Block Payment of Decades-Old Civil Judgment
  • 6:14 pm O.J. Simpson Passes Away at 76: Legacy Marked by Fame, Controversy, and Legal Battles

The covid-19 pandemic has changed lives in many ways. For some, it ripped off their monthly income, some lost their loved ones, and others had to deal with mental health issues. The times have been hard on everyone, but it worsened for some.

While physical health and wellbeing were given much importance, people forget to address the mental health issues that came alongside the lockdown and quarantine process. From stress to anxiety attacks, the pandemic period worsened the situation.

Most people started seeing therapists to address their mental health issues like depression, anxiety issues, panic attacks, PTSH, and stress-related problems.


Depression has always been a leading mental health issue. The number of reported cases increased rapidly during the pandemic, mostly because people were refrained from moving around and seeing their loved ones.

The situation worsened when the lockdown increased for an indefinite period, and the corona-active cases grew in number. The isolation, the lonely feeling, and lack of active exercises or movements made it extremely difficult for people suffering from depression.

Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety and anxiety attacks were also quite common during the lockdown days. People who always have been cheerful started to worry about silly things, and you saw their smiles fading away. For some, the mild anxiety attacks worsened, and urgent medical attention became of utmost necessity.

Grief and mental pain

Covid-19 stripped many of their loved ones. Some couldn’t see them for an indefinite period, while others lost them to the deadly virus. The grief experienced by people became ten-fold when they couldn’t share it with anyone during the lockdown.

The mental pain associated with the loss of dear ones needs to be shared somehow to ease the pain. The Covid-19 pandemic not only took away the loved ones, but it also denied the blessing of company and sharing the pain and thoughts with others.

Trauma and signs of PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other effects of trauma can hit people at any time. For this, the person needn’t witness the trauma, but the very thought of it or hearing it from someone can also trigger the symptoms. The thought of financial imbalance, loss of loved ones, etc., can create situations that might lead to severe trauma-related issues.

Panic attacks

The cases of panic attacks became common during pandemic situations. People were repeatedly told to stay away from crowded places and avoid physical contact as much as people. The very thought of going into crowded places after the lockdown caused panic in many and therefore led to panic attacks when they got trapped in the crowd.

Overall, the mental health issues worsened along with the threat to physical health and wellbeing. But in many cases, the mental health issues went unnoticed, which led to many casualties. There were even attempts to suicide. Apart from coronavirus, many lost their lives to suicide as their mental health conditions worsened, and they were left with none in their company.

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