June 23, 2024
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Road accidents can be both fatal and non-fatal. But whatever may be the case, the impact it has on the driver’s and the passengers’ mental health is huge. According to Kansas car accident lawyers Siro Dickson, in the case of most accidents, the driver might be well aware of the road and traffic rules, yet small negligence from their side might cost a life. Here are some of the common human causes of accidents:

Over speeding

Over speeding continues to be the number one cause why a lot of car accidents happen. Many times, the driver tries to speed on empty roads or when there’s less traffic. Faster vehicles tend to be more prone to accidents than slower ones. Also, the severity at the time of the crash is complex in the case of faster vehicles.

A slower vehicle can be easily halted by the driver when they see something or someone jumping across the road. But in the case of the faster vehicles, the driver may not be able to control the car’s speed and thereby cause the car to skid and eventually crash somewhere.

Also, when the car is in fast motion, the driver won’t get the time to make decisions when something or someone jumps or tries to cross the road. They panic and the minute difference in the decision taking time causes the car crash.

Drunken Driver

When a person consumes alcohol, they enter a state of intoxication. When the person tries to drive during this time, it can affect their ability to make a decision and thereby lead to rash driving. Alcohol tends to boost confidence and thereby, they tend to take more risks. Most drunken drivers violate all the traffic rules and overspeed on roads.

Distracted driver

It’s very important the person who accompanies the driver should remain silent or try not to distract them when they are driving through heavy traffic-prone areas. Even if the driver loses their concentration for a single minute, the car can topple, leading to a high causality.

Other distractions include adjusting the side mirror while driving, talking on the phone, adjusting the stereo, or zoning out. If you feel distracted, it’s better to take some time off, relax and then start driving again.

Red light jumping

Many times drivers tend to jump the red lights thinking that it’s a waste of time. Other times, people think that a single person violating the law might not make much of a difference. People, therefore, tend to jump red lights and cause unnecessary traffic conjunctions or even worse, fatal accidents.

Even if they manage to wait for the red light, they tend to overspeed afterward to catch up to the speed and reach the destination on time.

Neglecting the safety gears

Seatbelts and helmets are for the safety of drivers and passengers. At the time of a crash, a seat belt helps you reduce the impact to the head and thereby reducing the chances of fatal casualties. Most people tend to avoid these safety instructions just because they are inconvenient. Not wearing the required safety gears can cost you hefty fines and sometimes, even your life.


There are times when the road’s design and natural factors cause car crashes and other vehicle accidents. But in most cases, it’s the recklessness of the human beings and willingness to break the traffic rules just for some momentary needs. The only way people would abide by the rules and laws is when they are charged with heavy fines and strict warnings for their actions.

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