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NBC 5 Investigates began investigating the widespread fraud involving Texas paper license plates two years back. It is only now that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken cognizance of the same and signed a law that mandates the replacement of paper tags with metal license plates. However, it will still be another 2 years before the paper plates are completely eliminated. Lawmakers believe that the two-year delay in implementing the newly signed law is the right thing to do to ensure a smooth transition into the new plate system, which applies to all Texas car buyers.

Police Chief Daniel Scesney had put in all the effort to ensure the law was passed. He had made a promise to the family of Officer Brandon Tsai, who died in a car crash in an attempt to stop a car with a fraudulent paper tag. He said it was high time the law was signed, and he was glad the governor finally signed it. He also added that Texas was safer the minute the new law was signed.

“It’s sad that it took so much to get us where we are today, but it is a very, very big challenge to make this change,” said Scesney.

It was indeed challenging to bring this law into existence, and two lawmakers sponsoring the bill had to compromise to delay the implementation of the law to 2025 rather than it having an immediate effect. According to the bill’s author, Craig Goldman, the delay isn’t really frustrating, and it was necessary to help the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, auto dealers, and customers transition to the new plate system.

Goldman further added that this bill was a big item on the table, and he did not at all think that it would pass in one session. But it did, and Goldman is satisfied that the item has been checked off the list after just a couple of months.

Another lawmaker who sponsored the bill, Senator Royce West, said it would take the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles at least a few months to write the new administrative rules for replacing paper tags with metal number plates. According to him, even though the bill is now a law, it would take time to implement it effectively.

The conversion of this bill into the new law so quickly seemed unlikely, considering the pushback from some major players in the automobile industry. However, it ultimately became possible with overwhelming support and an incessant demand for change from law enforcement officials like Daniel Scesney.

Senator West said that the lawmakers were unaware of how big the problem of paper tags was until the law enforcement department stepped in with their contributions. Scesney’s contribution to this new law has been immense right from the beginning. Senator West added that Scesney did not miss out on a single meeting regarding this bill in particular. He also showed up for negotiations to ensure that the contributions and perspectives of the law enforcement department to the bill were clear.

Apart from safety and security, the new metal number plates will help curb the illegal online sales and counterfeiting that have plagued the paper tag system. Crookes have sold a massive number of counterfeit paper tags, and these fraudulent tags have mostly been used by human smugglers, crime suspects, and drug runners. It is difficult for the law enforcement department to identify a driver, courtesy of these fraudulent paper tags.

Apart from the conversion of paper plates to metal number plates, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is in the process of introducing new security measures, which will help tackle illegal activities and crimes. Until then, this new law is a welcome move, a much-required push toward making Texas safer.

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