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Dogs are the best friends of man. However, dog bites are quite common all over the world. Some of these bites are minor, while some of the bites are quite dangerous. The dog bite statistics affirm that 81% of dog bites cause little to no damage. Few dogs with the highest biting rates include Chihuahua, Pitbull, Jack Russell Terrier, German Shepherd, etc.

It has commonly been noticed in dogs that bite that several of them haven’t been neutered. Chained dogs become increasingly aggressive by nature. About 25% of absolutely fatal attacks come from chained dogs, irrespective of breeds.

Let’s have a quick look at what increases the likelihood of being attacked by a dog.

1. Instilling A Sense Of Fear In A Dog

If you feel like a dog is acting scared around you, don’t provoke it by hooting at the dog. Don’t resort to harmful activities like throwing stones. A dog is often wary of a stranger for a variety of reasons.

Agitating the dog further will only increase your chances of being bitten. Even if they didn’t attack initially out of fear, it would do so if it feels threatened by you.

2. If A Dog Feels The Need To Protect

Among the things that increase the likelihood of being bitten is when a dog feels the need to protect. Dogs are inherently territorial. They are very protective, too. If you make them feel threatened under these circumstances, they will be more likely to bite you. It can also start playfully but might end in a bite of some severe degree.

In addition to that, if you behave aggressively with a dog owner, the loyal canines are highly likely to bite. This is because of their instinctual need to protect. Don’t try to play snatch with a dog’s food or interfere when a dog’s eating. They’re specifically territorial about their food and will bite if they feel that someone is trying to take their food away.

3. Assuming Every Dog Is Friendly

Dog lovers all over the world feel the urge to pet every dog they see. However, the consequences are not always positive. It’s not wise to assume that every dog you approach will see you as a friendly being and not as a threat.

If you think that only dogs that appear aggressive will bite, you are wrong. Sometimes even the friendly dogs might bite a stranger. Since they don’t know if they need to perceive the stranger as a friend or a threat, they feel triggered. The fear might fuel them to bite you.

4. Sickness Pushes Dogs Towards Irritation

This is a caution to even canine parents. Dogs, during times of sickness, are more likely to be irritable. They aren’t entirely in control of themselves. They are more likely to snap and bite during these times. Studies show that they even become impatient. It is vital to keep children away because they also tend to be intolerant during these times.

This is also true in the case of pain. When dogs are in pain, they’re more cautious than usual. Even if you are trying to help, you must be wary and careful and deal with expertise. If you try to impose your help forcefully, you are more likely to get bitten.

5. Don’t Try To Challenge The Dog

When you think a dog is wary and cautious of you, give it free passage and walk away. Don’t try to push dogs and challenge them. That will not only make them more menacing but also will increase your likelihood of being bitten.

If you feel a gut instinct that a dog is most likely to bite you, try not to panic. Avoid eye contact at all times. Don’t use sticks or stones. Also, do not make loud noises. Avoid any kind of behavior that might be perceived as aggressive by the dog. If you do have the unlucky encounter with a dog and are injured, contact a health care professional right away and you may need to retain an attorney to assist you also, such as an experienced one like San Diego dog bite lawyer John Montevideo.

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